About me

Vika Konigsberg


I'm Vika Konigsberg, the owner of FloraBotanica.
Growing up I was surrounded by art and culture. I love to paint - mixing and combining different colors into a beautiful palette has always fascinated me. We always had cut flowers at home and I can not imagine my life without them. I used to pick up flowers in the fields, make floral arrangements and give them to my friends and family and even to strangers.

In my professional life, I worked with the best florists as a high-end event planner for 15 years. During those years my passion for flowers grew stronger and eventually I evolved from event production to original creations and floral design.

My style is wild and natural with the touch of sophistication, elegance and an element of surprise. I am based in Westchester, New York and eager to share my original touch to flower arrangements with local clients.

Vika Konigsberg